About Us

For every problem, a unique solution.

Some companies pride themselves on consistency, but cookie-cutter service doesn’t cut it in law.

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We tailor our service to you alone. We listen, we think and then we determine the best course of action. We’ll carefully evaluate the merits of your case and thoroughly prepare to achieve the best possible result.

You’ll quickly see the value of our leadership as we coordinate with court-appointed firms on the litigation strategy, law and motion, discovery and resolution related to your case.

After a comprehensive evaluation, we then either take your case to court, or pursue an equitable resolution through settlement. We keep you informed every step of the way. If the going gets tough or, if through the litigation process we determine your claim is no longer viable, we’ll be straight with you.

Whatever the route, we never lose sight of the fact you deserve a result that accounts for the unique ways you have been harmed or affected by medical or pharmaceutical products. You are never just another case to us.

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Our Experience

We use our
experience wisely.

Even with our years of extensive experience acquired across a wide range of conditions and injuries, medical procedures, scientific principles, and legal theories, we continuously challenge ourselves to discover something new, find a better way or gain a new insight.

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Our experience gives us the wisdom to explain complex topics clearly and concisely to everyone involved, especially you.

We’ve earned recognition in both federal (MDL) and state court proceedings through our significant involvement at every level of the process, and by ably working with everyone involved.

You’ll find us diligently working on your behalf through all the steps of your case, deftly handling complexity, effectively coping with every nuance, setting expectations, and moving your case forward to the result you deserve. Read More

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Case by case, we've earned our leadership appointments.

True leaders are not judged solely on the results they achieve, but also the reputation they establish with those whom are most critical of their success.

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Over the past 20 years, we have earned a strong reputation amongst our peers as leaders, and subsequently, we are looked to for frequent collaboration and guidance. It is an honor to be recognized for our consistent results and credited for our character.

Our way of working, and the results it generates, has led both sides of the bar, the court, and the dispute resolution systems we work in to trust us with important appointments. As such, we can do far more for you. We can strategize and make important decisions pertaining to how your case is handled.

We have access to, and can deal directly with both the court and the defense counsel. It gives us an edge over other firms that lack the insight, collaboration and experience. Our refusal to compromise our integrity on any issue makes us trusted leaders in our field, and the kind of law firm you’ll want on your side. Read More

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If the result really matters to you, so should your choice
of law firm.

No one enters into a potentially long and tiring legal process without believing they deserve an equitable result.

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Without proper consideration, it’s easy to be left in the hands of someone who doesn’t have what it takes to deliver the result you deserve.

With Skikos, you get a law firm with a proven track record of quality results across a variety of situations and settings. Not only do we vigorously advocate on your behalf throughout the legal process, we also work with you to address and resolve other issues such as liens, bankruptcies, government assistance, disability payments, and so on, that could ultimately impact your net result.

Our firm has the extensive experience and strong character that will benefit you every step of the way. We don’t just get results, we get you the best result possible. Read More

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