At Skikos, whether we are playing an instrumental role in negotiating a multi-billion dollar global resolution of an entire litigation or resolving your individual claim, we approach each situation with the same care and level of scrutiny. Our unique ability to effectively evaluate a claim, coupled with the relationships and credibility we have fostered over the last 20 years, enables our attorneys to obtain successful results that change lives.

We have worked hard to earn the respect of other plaintiffs’ counsel, defense attorneys, and the court, and because of that we are often approached by others to aid in the facilitation of negotiations and resolution, in some cases being appointed by the court to do so. Our skilled negotiators have the experience, integrity, and tenacity to take your claim all the way through the resolution process, no matter what form that process may take.


A mass tort litigation can conclude with a global resolution, where all the claims across the country against a defendant are settled at one time. A committee of attorneys is then assembled to formulate the structure by which claims are evaluated and damage amounts are determined. Each claim is assessed individually based on its own specific facts and is submitted to a neutral third party for review. A Special Master, usually a former attorney or judge, is appointed to oversee the review process and ensure that allocations of awards are fair and justified.


Firm by firm

In some instances a defendant may take a firm-by-firm approach to settling the cases against them, by coming to specific law firms to settle their entire inventory of cases. The defendant and the individual firm negotiate those particular cases separately from all the others in the litigation, with the strategies employed and results obtained being unique to that firm. When this manner of resolution is employed, the relationships and reputations of a firm play a heightened role in their negotiation power and the settlement opportunities available.

Individual Settlements

Sometimes extraordinary injury in a case warrants negotiating and settling the claim apart from the rest. Our lawyers’ keen ability to analyze and assess the merits of a claim, coupled with knowledge of creative resolution strategies, enables us to protect our clients’ rights and to ensure a justified outcome.


A defendant that has inadequate coverage for the liabilities against them may opt to file for bankruptcy. Injured parties ultimately become unsecured creditors of the company.  When that happens, our lawyers work within the bankruptcy court system, often appearing in an official capacity, to help protect the rights and interests of our clients.